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Sea of Green Growing The How To Guide

Do you understand how to SCROG?

SCROG is absolutely stuff stoners like. Brief for sea of green or often screen of green SCROG generally includes training your flowering cannabis plant horizontally under your lighting system. Scrogging is an ideal method to optimize the amount of canopy that receives light from HID or high-intensity discharge lamps.


The SCROG method works well for both Sativas and Indicas. In truth the sea of green approach is particularly excellent for Sativas that enjoy to grow high and slender if growers are aiming to tame their stretch during the long flower duration.

Anyhow the sea of green method is excellent if you have a small closet type grow area. With the scrog approach you can increase your yield by growing more plants. However a sea of green grow likewise ups the quantity of plants you’ll need, which might cause legal issues.

Vegging is essential when it concerns optimizing the benefits of a scrog grow. You normally want to veg an Indica pressure a bit long than a Sativa pressure since it won’t extend as much throughout the latter during very first few weeks of the flowering phase.

The primary concept behind a SCROG is to in fact develop a sea of green buds rather of a couple of plants with one giant single bud. It’s this multiple bud look that gives this approach it’s name. As the plants grow through the screen gardens just press them pull back under the screen and tie them back. Training the plants in this method increases bud websites and enables growers to maximize their grow area and indoor marijuana harvest.

Scrogging steps

Hang your scrog web need to be a near to your lights as possible. You’ll train your plants tops as they go obviously. This will increase the variety of marijuana buds that have access to light and in turn enhance the amount of bud you harvest. Scrogging is an excellent method to keep garden height down and guarantee that none of your valuable buds burn under the extreme indoor grow lights.

Scrogging needs a SCROG screen to hold back to tops of the canopy. You can purchase a pre-made scrog screen or usage utilize some rope, nylon string or chicken wire. Preferably, the screen needs to have holes with a 5-cm diameter.

Sea of green cutting

Key to screen of green? Air

Likewise crucial to the sea of green method appertains air circulation. Scrog growing develop a thicker more dense canopy than growing plants with simply one top. A thicker canopy might lead to caught air, increasing humidity and a chance for mold. That’s why tidy air blood circulation is very important. Make certain to draw in air from outside the grow room utilizing a consumption fan and distribute the fresh air using fans. Ducting your grow lights will likewise reduce temperature inside your grow room which must also decrease humidity. If all else fails you might get a dehumidifier.

Some scrog growers want to get rid of the bigger fan leaves in an effort to direct more energy to growing cannabis buds. Some prefer to connect them back under the screen in order to protect their ability to soak in sunlight and decrease recovery time.

Outdoor SCROG

The sea of green grow method isn’t simply for indoor grow ops. Nope we’ve seen plenty of outside scrog grows over the years– both completely sun and in greenhouse grow ops. We’ve seen customized scrog grows that delivered simply a couple of plants that were fifteen feet tall with the scrog screen, that needed a ladder to change, that developed a massive canopy. All of it depends upon grow design and preference.